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The ‘Purposeful' Meet-Up For TOP BLOGGERS

An Important Step To Becoming A Profitable Beauty Brand, Find Out Why… The ‘Purposeful’ Meet-Up is not the typical Meet-Up hosted by many Bloggers today. It is more than a time to meet at a designated place to give hugs, exchange kind words and take endless selfies. The ‘Purposeful’ Meet-Up...


The Makeup Seminar Venue

How To Determine Which One Is Right For You Whether you are looking to host your first or your next SOLD OUT makeup seminar, the venue chosen will play a central role in the experience provided to your attendees. It is not about the size of your event, but the quality. In this case, SIZE...


GLAM Lashes & Brows - Build A Lucrative Client Base

What does every girl want, especially in preparation for occasions such as her Prom or BIG Graduation Day? Lashes, GLAM Lashes & Brows, that are Defined Brows. If you are a Lash Artist, then you have before you a great opportunity to grow a lucrative business. CLICK HERE To Read More &...